Xanax 2mg gg249: Uses & Addictions

Xanax 2mg gg249 is a schedule IV controlled substance that is used to treat panic attacks, nervousness and tension. This drug has been around for many years as a tranquilizer, and although it is very effective for what it is used to treat, doctors have learned to be very careful when prescribing it, as it has a history of addiction and abuse. Because Xanax is often used to treat long term problems, Xanax addiction has become a very common addiction and has contributed to a large percentage of the prescription drug abuse problem in this country.

The most common thing that Xanax 2mg is used to treat is severe panic attacks and anxiety. It is used in individuals that are so incapacitated with these conditions that a tranquilizer is necessary for them to perform the most basic functions of their day. For many of these people their treatment is a long term situation meaning that when they finally do get better in all likelihood they will be facing a Xanax addiction that they will need to deal with.

This segment of those addicted to Xanax is only a part of the problem however, as Xanax is a drug that is frequently sold on the street and is abused in combination with any number of other drugs. This makes for a deadly combination that has claimed the life of a number of people over the years. The body also tends to build up a resistance to Xanax causing people to need to take more and more of it to make it work like it is supposed adding to the Xanax addiction.

Addiction to Xanax is much like any other drug, you will need to get the help of a professional to wean you off of the drug and you can likely expect Xanax addiction withdrawal symptoms that you will need to deal with. This is particularly the case if you stop taking Xanax after taking a lot of it of an extended period of time. If you do stop suddenly you can expect to experience nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, chills, lethargy, fatigue, moodiness, crying and vivid dreams.

If you have a severe Xanax addiction, seek the assistance of an inpatient facility that is trained in prescription drug addictions. They will help you make a successful withdrawal from the drug, and are experienced in dealing with the most severe withdrawal symptoms and will monitor you to make sure your detox is safe and effective.