The Authentic Nature of the French Press Coffeemaker

French press coffeemakers are not for everyone. They do have advantages and disadvantages and it’s not until you own one that you appreciate what these are. The basic idea of a plunge coffeemaker is to allow someone to have the instant pleasure of tasting coffee made with ground coffee beans as opposed to instant coffee, but not have to wait for a whole pot of coffee to brew. With the amount of different coffeemakers on the market these days, these may seem as if they don’t have a definite place, but if you read the following, you will see that they are a valid purchase for the right person and circumstances.


The main disadvantages are that the coffeemaker only makes a limited amount of coffee. Although the Primula Tempo makes six cups of coffee, the user must remember that this is traditionally sized coffee cups rather than the kind used in most homes, which are larger in size. For a formal get together where the best china is brought out, perhaps these would be suitable, though for gatherings of family members for a cup of coffee, the disadvantage is that the amount of coffee would be limited.

The other disadvantage is the inconvenience of preparation in comparison with machines that offer the user a set amount of coffee using the instantaneous presentation offered by Senseo machines. In the case of the Senseo, a small individual pack provides a set amount of coffee instantly, thus achieving the same thing. The other disadvantage of the press coffee maker is that the coffee goes cold if using the coffee maker for several cups of coffee over a lengthy period of time.

Water has to be boiled separately, which is a disadvantage over stove top coffeemakers or any of the self-contained units available on the market today.


The smaller machines available in this day and age seem to have made the use of a French press coffeemaker a little obsolete, though these are still a good option for the connoisseur who likes the freedom of being able to take their coffee to where they are working, and to brew the coffee in a traditional manner. Once the coffee is brewed, depending upon the beans used, the aroma is wonderful and you see immediately the deep rich color of coffee that whets the appetite and really is worthwhile. The truth is you need to own one to see the difference.

The French press coffee maker can be taken into the garden on a sunny day and give the real ambiance of drinking quality coffee, whereas traditional coffeemakers and even the Senseo range do not allow that advantage. There is something to be said for reading the Sunday paper at leisure and tasting freshly brewed coffee from the press.

Cleaning comparisons

Comparing the cleaning of coffeemakers, which are static to the French press coffee maker, the French press wins hands down, because you can drain the rest of the liquid left very easily, and simply use the grains to enhance the richness of soil in the garden area, or simply discard them. The rinsing process is extremely unfussy, and the filter is built in, meaning that there are no new filters needed, or complex spills to be cleaned from the French press coffeemaker, as there would be with a traditional coffeemaker.

The glass on most French Press coffeemakers is dishwasher proof, so for that extra shine, the cleaning is made even easier.

Mixtures and blends of coffee

While you can mix and blend coffee using a traditional coffeemaker as well, what’s very pleasant in mixing blends with the French press coffeemaker is that the measurements are easier to remember. Buying specialty coffees from the store, changing from a caffeinated coffee to decaffeinated for the evening, is simply a question of choosing the brand of coffee suited to the event. Small amounts are used and thus there is less wastage than in traditional coffeemakers.

A self-indulgent luxury

With the portability of the French press coffeemaker, the consumer has much more choice than with traditional coffeemakers. A luxury cup of coffee as a treat can be had anywhere, once the boiling water has been added. Load up a tray and present breakfast for a guest, and what they get is freshly brewed coffee instead of a cup of coffee which may not sate their thirst. It’s a great alternative for individuals because there is always more than one cup to be had.

Although many opt for modern coffeemakers, such as the Senseo or other well known brands, overall, a kitchen is incomplete without both alternatives being available. The French press coffeemaker gives the user a taste of authentic coffee on the occasion when mass amounts of coffee are not required. It’s a treat to be savored, and although there are disadvantages, it is clear that the advantages outweigh them.

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