Recipes for Students on a Tight Budget

Here’s a good recipe for some scrambled eggs. There isn’t much to them but it’s cheap and easy.

Things you will need:
1. Eggs (4)
2. Mozzarella cheese
3. Milk
4. Vegetables
5. Egg beater
6. Sauce pan
7. Medium sized bowl
8. Toast (optional)

Right, so you take your eggs and crack them into a medium sized bowl. Then add just a splash of milk. Now take your egg beater and beat the eggs and milk against the side of the bowl in a circular motion until all is liquid. Pour into a medium sized saucepan.

Now chop up your vegetables. I like to you use either green peppers, red peppers, onions or celery or a combination but it’s up to you.

Now slice the mozzarella up in to very small pieces. Once you have chopped the vegetables to your liking slide them and the mozzarella into the pot with your egg/milk mix. I add a little salt and a lot of pepper here but that’s up to you, they taste a bit bland without at least one.

Turn the heat on to medium and continuously stir the mixture. It should start to form little chunks. Keep stirring until it’s the way you like it. I like my scrambled eggs to be nice and firm, to the point that they sort of bounce around the pot when you stir and resemble cheese curds. I sometimes like to serve on/with some toast.

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