How to make green tea

Though tea comes in many types, green tea is probably the most delicious and healthiest. It is proven by scientist, that green tea can fight against cancer cells. Not only that, but it also helps lower your cholesterol. It also provides antioxidants properties, polyphenols, theanine, vitamins, and minerals. Green tea has been around for 4,000 Continue reading →

Tips for Throwing a Theme Party

Bet on a winning Derby party Well butter my behind and call me a biscuit! For Southern flavored fun, throw a Kentucky Derby theme party! Even if the closest you’ve ever come to the “Run for the Roses” is a fast food sprint to your local KFC, it’s a great excuse to gather friends on Continue reading →

How to Make Fry Bread

A pow wow just wouldn’t be a pow wow without a chance to eat some fluffy, golden fry bread. This delicious staple of native cuisine is an inspiring example of how something which begins in adversity can, over time, be incorporated into our culture in a positive way. The first fry breads were made by Continue reading →

Freezer Foods

Preservation of food is a practice that has moved from mere storage of surplus to drying, bottling/canning and freezing. The convenience of an appliance that can keep its interior at a constant temperature below zero and the widespread access to electricity that enables most average-income households to have a freezer, has made freezing a common Continue reading →

How to Make Stuffed Cabbage Rolls Sarmale

Stuffed cabbage rolls are one of my favourite dishes. In Romania we call them “sarmale” and they are a very important part of our diet. Traditionally we eat them around Christmas, but they are not necessarily endemic to this particular time frame. The recipe is relatively easy, but there are a few tips and tricks to Continue reading →

Craziest Food Eating Contests

As of late I have developed a keen interest in competitive eating. I don’t understand how anyone could fail to find this stuff interesting. It’s basically a sport where the competitors are cross between highly tuned athletes and sideshow freaks. Competitive eating champs like Takeru Kobayashi are not unlike the world’s most elite marathoners. They Continue reading →

Cake Decorating 101

I began decorating cakes when my kids were little. I was afraid at first thinking that it was too hard and I might not be able to do it. My first venture in decoration was a Winnie the Pooh stand-up cake.  I purchased a star tip 16 tip and a piping tip plus a decorating Continue reading →

How do i Make a Tuna Bake

In today’s society more and more of us are trying to eat a healthier diet, but many people also struggle to find nutritious and tasty meals that don’t cost a fortune. This is where canned tuna can be a lifesaver – not only is it fairly inexpensive, if you buy the tuna in brine it Continue reading →

How to Make Root Beer

Root Beer: An American Pioneer Treat American colonists transformed alcoholic beer into root beer, not out of concern for alcoholism, but because they lacked the barley and other grains needed to make good alcoholic beer. They experimented with sweeteners to make up for the lack, such as honey, molasses and cane sugar. They were also Continue reading →