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Pouring the perfect beer is a touch that comes only with plenty of practice and a basic understanding of how this foamy, frothy barley beverage travels as it pours into a frosty glass.  Really, the key to the perfect pint of beer is all in the tip of the glass.  If the receiving glass is not positioned properly, your perfect beer may finish not so perfect. The end result being a glass of beer three quarters full of foam.  The perfect beer should have an inch, at the most, of foam on the top of the glass.

The glass.

First of all, the perfect poured beer starts with a nice cold, frosted mug or glass.  The best way to achieve the superior frostiness necessary for the perfect beer, is to leave the glasses (empty, of course) in a freezer, snow bank, or icy creek for at least a few hours, and best overnight. Leave mugs chilling until you are ready to begin pouring your favorite beer.  

The tip.

Now, for the important part… Whether pouring from a can, bottle, or beer tap, always remember the key to pouring a perfect beer is all in how the bubbly barley brew hits the glass.  Beer should be poured into a tipped glass, wherever it comes from.  Unless, of course, it is a mouth it is being poured into. 

With a frosty glass in one hand and the beer source in the other, the pour should be started with the glass tipped to almost a forty-five degree angle, level to the ground or counter. The beer should pour into the glass in a steady, even flow and glass turned to an upwards position, as it fills. 

When to stop.

To achieve that perfectly poured beer status, the mug or glass must be finished off being perfectly filled, an art that comes only with practice.  Generally, by stopping a pour just past the three parts mark of the glass and topped up from there, the glass of beer should be left with just the right amount of foam.  When pouring for customers, a good rule of thumb is that it never hurts to slightly over pour.  A customer will prefer to see a full mug of cold beer, than a glass that looks like someone already took a big swig. Any excess can always be wiped away with a clean bar rag.

Once you have poured your icy cold bevie into your frosty mug comes the most important part of all, sitting down to enjoy the perfect beer that you just poured.  So, grab some friends, some frosty mugs and have a cold one.  Then Cheers, to the perfect beer.   

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