Is Mountain Dew Addictive

Weight gain, monstrous toothaches, no energy and throbbing headaches are the first words that I think of when I hear Mountain Dew!

Mountain Dew is addictive! After reading some of the debated articles on this topic, I had to stop and calm myself down! I was very disturbed by some of the other arguements that was posted about “Is Mountain Dew addictive”. Yes, I do understand that everyone has their own opinion and they are free to write whatever they choose to. I however, have my own correct answer for this topic. I guess this is why it was chosen for a good topic to post.

Recently, I wrote an article in the “Soft drinks reviews: Mountain Dew” telling my story. In my article, I gave examples of how consuming large amounts of Mountain Dew daily, leads me to believe that I am addicted to the refreshing drink. I believe that anything can become addictive, if a person allows it to be. In my unfortunate case, I have misused Mountain Dew to the point of it being addictive. Ten years now, I have drank Mountain Dew everyday except for the two weeks that I was on vacation. Mexico fortunately doesn’t sell or have procession of Mountain Dew. I drink at least a two liter of Mountain Dew everyday. I am not proud of this awful addiction. If it wasn’t for the severe headaches that I get from not drinking Mountain Dew, I would kick this habit forever.

There are several different side effects that I get when I do try to stop drinking Mountain Dew. I know that I can quit, it is just hard to quit. Like other article writers have stated “it is not the caffeine that I am hooked on” it is the sugar, the main ingredient in Mountain Dew that keeps me going all day. I have tried switching my choice of drink to pepsi, tea and coffee. These three drinks all contain caffeine, and I don’t get the same satisfaction that I get when I drink a cold Mountain Dew. Even a warm soda, tastes better than a cup of tea, coffee or pepsi.

Here is something to think about: How can a person know if Mountain Dew is addictive if they have never drank it? As long as a person stays disciplined with the daily consumption of Mountain Dew, they are less likely to become addicted to it. Keep in mind that people become addicted to several things on a daily basis and anything that makes you suffer withdrawals, in my opinion is considered to be addictive! Now that my nerves have calmed down and my opinion is stated, I can relax and go consume a refreshing soda. Can anybody guess what soda that might be?

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