Is Coffee a Comforting Drink

It is a good question whether coffee is a comforting drink or just a habit. The best way to decide is by examining some good evidence of how coffee is a comforting drink.


Some people spend quality time together drinking coffee and sharing interesting conversations. Some people meet at a coffee shop and strike up lasting friendships. Many people offer coffee to guests in their home (even hosts that do not actually drink coffee themselves). In some parts of the world, the phrase “go out for coffee” is the signal for hanging out with friends and having a good time. There is a reason, after all, that cafes and coffeehouses still exist. These are the places where folks gather to drink coffee and socialize. 

Long winter days and nights

If you could add up all of the coffee makers that are going throughout the winter months, the number might shock you. Sure lots of people enjoy hot cocoa and hot herbal tea, but even some of those people will partake of a hot cup of coffee at some point during the winter. Coffee seems to make the cold, harsh weather just a little more tolerable. Many people will stay home and drink coffee and have quality time with loved ones when it is too nasty outside to go anywhere.

Bonding over mugs

Believe it not, some people sit down and resolve disputes over a pot of coffee. Think about it: have you ever heard of people jumping up and beating each other up after drinking coffee? The overwhelming answer would probably be a no. To put it simply, sometimes enemies can become friends while talking over a good cup of coffee. That sounds rather dramatic, but it can happen more often than you think. It is easier to bond or at least be civil to each other when you share a common interest like coffee.

When times are tough

This is the prime example of how coffee is a comforting drink: during rough times in life. An unfortunate example is during the death of a loved one, there is almost always a pot of coffee brewing in the grieving homes. The reason for this could simply be because no one knows what to say or do for each other to ease the pain. Another example is that during stressful times like financial issues or troubles at work, people often will sit down with a cup of coffee and try to work out a solution. Somehow having that cup of coffee makes things just a wee bit less stressful.

Coffee can truly be a mentally and physically comforting beverage. The mental aspect could be from memories of mom/dad or grandma and grandpa drinking coffee and telling stories of days gone by. It could be because people feel they are more focused after having a cup of coffee. Physical comfort could be the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the rich flavor or just the feeling of the warm mug in your hands. There are many people that would disagree that coffee is comforting, but true coffee drinkers can tell you otherwise. If you ask some coffee drinkers what made them start drinking it, they will have a fond memory or good story to tell you about it.

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