Halloween Party Theme Ideas

“Throwing a KILLER Halloween Party!”

That’s right boys and girls. It’s time for the return of the best holiday of the year (aside from Christmas, of course). It’s Halloween time. The fallowing is a couple of sections about what to do, serve, and be for your Halloween Party.
Party themes are always fun, but when it comes to Halloween, they are essential. Here are some fun party themes:
1, The Heaven and Hell Party, where your guest show up as a representative of heaven or hell (things like red for hell and white for heaven). You can decorate half of your party place live heaven (with clouds and such) and the other side like hell (with skulls or whatever).
2, A Cartoon themed party. Your guests, no matter how adult they may be, can come as there favorite cartoon character. Your party space can look like a giant cartoon world (all you need is some construction paper and some time), and you can even play Halloween themed cartoons (like the Simpson’s Tree house of Terror specials) in the background.
3, The Killer Party. For those of you who like a good scare on the thirty first, this party is right up your alley. Every one comes as his/her favorite Killer, from horror movies or real life. Your party space should be as horrifying as humanly possible. And horror movies should be running in the background all night long.
4, The “Two of these things belong together” Party. If you are in a couple, or hang out with a lot of couples, then this is your party. Couples come as two things that go together (like peanut butter and jelly, or a cop and a robber). Your party space should be set up with couples in mind (seats of two and pictures of famous couples).
Now that you have a theme it’s time to talk about drinks and food. Here are some tips:
1, A self service bar is always a good idea. People can get what the want when they want.
2, Don’t have room for that kind of drink making? Then do some punch style drinks instead. Try things like red champagne punch (champagne, vodka, and fruit juices in a bowl), Bowls of Black Russians (Kaluha, Vodka, and ice in a bowl), or Fuzzy Navels (Peach schnapps, Vodka, and orange juice) in a bowl to give the room some Halloween color.
3, For food, keep it simple. Serve popcorn and candy (it is Halloween after all), or serve small things like a meat and cheese tray or a party pizza. This will keep your guests sober longer and will stop them from leaving to eat.
Planning an awesome costume party is easy, and cheap. Just think about how you want to party and go from there. Happy Halloween!


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