Family wilted leaf salad

One salad recipe that has been a favorite of friends and family also happens to be one of the easiest to create. It can be varied easily, and can be made any season of the year, yet it seems to work with most meals. Though incredibly simple, it is fantastic to eat, and it can quickly become a favorite for the whole family.

It is even better if the vegetables are home grown and ripe right out of the garden.

What you need:

1/4 pound sliced bacon
1 large bunch leaf lettuce (chopped)
1/2 cup wine or cider vinegar *
Olive oil

Note: Use good quality vinegar when possible. The better the vinegar is, the better the finished product is likely to be. Cider vinegar is mentioned, however the flavor usually tends to be best when wine vinegar or rice vinegar is used.

Cook the bacon over low heat in a fry pan until it is done as desired. This will normally be almost crisp unless you don’t like crisp bacon. Remove bacon from the pan and chop it into small pieces.

In the pan of bacon grease, add the vinegar. Add olive oil to taste (approximately 1 part grease and oil to 3 parts vinegar). While it is heating over low heat, place the lettuce in a bowl, preferably glass or stainless. When the vinegar bacon grease mixture is just beginning to boil, remove from heat and pour it over the lettuce. Add the sliced cooked bacon. Toss the lettuce and serve.

Optional additions:

Grated carrots
Nasturtium leaves (these give a water cress like flavor)
diced cucumber
diced cheese
diced tomatoes
grated radishes
diced bell pepper

This salad makes a great salad for a side dish, however if the quantities are increased, it can actually become a main dish for the whole family. The optional ingredients also change the flavor and add a very nice touch, making each salad a little different than the last.

Sliced hard-boiled eggs are also a good addition and they add yet more color to the salad. Other common flowerbed flowers can even add additional color. For instance, pansy and violet blooms are edible and add that extra splash of tinting that can make the salad even more appealing than it already is.

This salad is especially good when served with a red meat or seafood meal, as it is complementary to both. As another idea, try it with your next backyard barbecue. The taste is great, it helps to stretch out the food and yet it also goes well with grilled chicken, burgers and even brats.

Though this is a very quick and simple salad to make, the flavor will have people coming back for more. This is definitely a salad worth trying, especially if you are a salad lover.

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