Bed Bugs – Unpleasant But Solvable Issue

It is unpleasant situation when people realize their home is infested with bed bugs, especially since they are feeding on human blood. Mostly they are active during the night. The bed bugs can spend up to 8-10 months without feeding. They could just wait in a home that was vacant for a while and get active when the new tenant or owner moves in. They can be easily brought at the house with second hand furniture, luggage or boxes and it is hard to get rid of them. If you use cleaning services Brent Cross companies provide also professional exterminators or if not they may direct you to one.

Bed bugs hide in mattresses, cracks in the wooden frameworks of the furniture, behind wallpapers and so on. They can be seen with a naked eye but more often people find out about their “guests” when they see the bites (the area around them gets itchy, a rash appears and some people may develop an allergic reaction). The bites are concentrated on the back of the body, legs and arms. If you are suspicious of the existence of bed bugs in your house the first place you have to inspect is the mattress.  Even though the bed bugs feed on living beings, pets won’t usually bring those insects in the house because they do not like the fur environment your cats or dogs present them as a host.

How to solve this problem?
First you have to remove the bed bugs and their eggs by vacuuming the mattress, furniture and carpets. Scrub with a brush where it is necessary. Cracks and crevice should also be included. Regular maintenance is a good prevention. For services like carpet cleaning Brent Cross companies perform expellant job.
Beddings, carpets, rugs have to be cleaned and this should not be a onetime event but rather a regular practice if you do not wish to encounter the same problem twice. Hygiene does not only bring a pleasant aspect of your home but it also provides a healthy environment where you could feel safe both for yourself and your children.