How to Prepare Lemonade right

Preparing great tasting lemonade can be really easy. All you need are three ingredients; lemon juice, sugar, and water. Using fresh lemons is the best way to make lemonade, although you can also use bottled lemon juice in a pinch. To make a delicious lemonade, use equal amounts of each ingredient. For example, if you Continue reading →

Its all in the Head

Pouring the perfect beer is a touch that comes only with plenty of practice and a basic understanding of how this foamy, frothy barley beverage travels as it pours into a frosty glass.  Really, the key to the perfect pint of beer is all in the tip of the glass.  If the receiving glass is Continue reading →

A lesson in the filter method of coffee brewing

My personal arsenal of coffee making contraptions. Most of which reside on the kitchen counter. These include the auto-drip, the espresso, the percolator, the French press, and the moka pot. This is not to mention the bag of beans from the local home-town roaster, the coffee grinder, and the can of off-the-shelf grounds. Each one Continue reading →

How to Order Wine Online

Trust is of importance in all forms of commerce, but when it comes to buying goods online, it is of critical importance. Will my credit card be ripped off? Will the goods arrive on time? Will the goods ordered be the ones that arrive? These are all concerns that we have when ordering from an Continue reading →

Italian Chicken Cutlet Recipe

I have only tried this recipe once but it was absolutely delicious. My whole family loved it, and it’s rather easy to cook. Your family will enjoy it too, especially if you love Italian foods. It’s oh so scrumptious. This is great with any side dishes. Have fun with it, do something creative. Make it Continue reading →

Is Coffee a Comforting Drink

It is a good question whether coffee is a comforting drink or just a habit. The best way to decide is by examining some good evidence of how coffee is a comforting drink. Social Some people spend quality time together drinking coffee and sharing interesting conversations. Some people meet at a coffee shop and strike Continue reading →

Thoughts on Food and Beverages

One of my most vivid recollections of Greece is set in the port of Piraeus. I haven’t checked the recent guidebooks of Rick Steves or the Lonely Planet, but in the mid-1960s Fielding and Fodor were ecstatic about a tavern and grocery store named Vasellina’s. It was then a small and simple restaurant in a Continue reading →

Tips for Throwing a Party

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This holds especially true when serving food at a formal buffet or a potluck supper. Whether setting a buffet table from your own kitchen or arranging dishes for a potluck supper, appearance can change a culinary mistake into a masterpiece. Space permitting, the buffet table should be Continue reading →

How to Make Spinach Gnocchi

Gnocchi is a traditional Italian dish of delightfully puffy little dumplings, most often made of potato and semolina. This dish goes back so far, it’s origins are lost in history. The word is thought to derive from “nocca” (knuckle), or perhaps come from “nocchio,” like Pinocchio, or a knot in wood. Useful as a side Continue reading →

Spinach more than Popeyes Elixir

If you are familiar with Popeye the sailor man, then you are also familiar with his love for spinach. At first, he is just another ordinary sailor. However, once he downs a can of spinach, he gains almost super human strength. Although eating a can of spinach (Spinacia oleracea) will not give you extraordinary powers, Continue reading →