A Tampon Recommended by Gynecologists

From the days when tampons were invented the served the same basic purpose. First you should know how to insert a tampon in the right way. But with the Launch of the new RepHresh Brilliant pH Tampon another essential purpose will be served. This is a bold new innovation for the feminine protection which is invented in order to reduce the actual increase of the pH levels during a woman’s period.All the way till now the Tampons only had the ability of absorbing and retaining fluids but not the capacity of maintain the pH increase. There is an elevated pH in the menstrual fluids when it is compared to the normal non-menstrual vaginal pH range. Tampons have been designed for the purpose of retaining these fluids but the new RepHresh Brilliant goes a step further and serves the purpose of reducing the pH increase besides providing the general absorbing function as of the normal Tampon. The measure of the acidity level in a vaginal environment is known as pH.

The vaginal pH is generally in between 3.5 to 4.5 for a healthy woman whereas it increases to the levels of 7.4 at the time of a woman’s period. The traditional Tampons lacked this feature of reduction of the pH increase and their main purpose was providing comfort, leak protection with convenience in a woman’s period. Clinically RepHresh Brilliant pH Tampons has been able to prove that it has the capacity as it promises i.e. reduction in the feminine pH increase. When this is inserted it has a rapid reduction to the pH and brings it down in the normal range. The pH tampon absorbs more fluids which further are reduced by the flow release technology of the pH-reducing Micro-Ribbons. This provides for the support a woman’s body needs for maintaining the pH reduction during the tampon usage period.

Citric Acid and L-lactide are the two important ingredients in this which helps in reduction of the pH increase. These are regarded as two non-irritating ingredients which help to control the pH increase that occurs during menstruation. This is a new innovation which gynecologists were looking for their patients for years and now they would certainly find useful to recommend to their patients.