A Plan of Action for Marathon Trainees

If you’ve decided to participate in a marathon, you should congratulate yourself, as this is a worthy goal that will really test your conditioning. Determining your success or ability to run in the race will depend on your training. Listed in this article are tried and true training tips to consider so you will be prepared on race day.

As odd as this may sound, many people begin training for a marathon trying to run as far as they can which can cause injuries and halt their training goals. To avoid burning out early or getting injured while training, moderate the distance that you run on a gradual basis. How hard you start training depends, of course, on your present level of conditioning. It is best to give yourself plenty of time to prepare for a marathon especially if you are starting from scratch. Training for your marathon will be most successful if you start early and increase the distance that you run by only ten percent a week. Giving your body enough time to heal the key to building endurance without injury. This is also why it’s essential to give yourself plenty of time to train, at least six months and preferably a whole year.

It is common to see at the end of a marathon that many people are both walking and running as they cross the finish line. It is okay to do some walking during your training especially if you are just starting out. Walking is definitely okay while you are training although you must try to run as much as possible prepared for the marathon. Make sure that you never stop during the run and that you keep moving, even if it is a slow walk, to the end of your run.