As I sat here thinking about my experience on Shine, I realized it has been a little over a year since my injury to my left knee, and right shoulder.

A year ago, I could not even feed myself, because it was so painful to lift my arm and hand. This is when I started my journey on Shine. Having to totally be dependent on my family gave me such a different insight to life. I have met and been blessed with too many to mention. Saying “thank you” just cannot express what I feel in my heart.

Yesterday, one of the friends I have known the longest said something in an email that brought back so many memories. I remember laughing until I cried over some of our posts. I remember sharing the joys, blessings, pain and the uncertainty of this last year.

Last year I was in a wheelchair, not able to walk. She told me yesterday, soon, I would be like a butterfly.

This also reminded me of an email I received about the struggle of a butterfly when emerging from it’s cocoon. Somebody  tried to help, by opening the cocoon to release the butterfly. However, the butterfly’s wings needed to be strengthened by it’s “fight” for it’s own for freedom. The butterfly died because it was released by the well meaning person.

This is my tribute to one of Shine’s finest women and friends, m@r!@, who has been there for me, motivating my wings to get strong and fly.

Blue Waffles Disease

RISK FACTORS of blue waffle and favoring DISEASE:

Age may be the one factor of blue waffles disease, the start of sexual life at fifteen years of age or less, due to immunological immaturity, the anatomical cervical inflammatory processes in young girls are developing faster and they are heavier, they often hide disease and are detected only when permanent damage incur general and reproductive health.


  • Girls are more susceptible, because of their menstrual cycles without ovulation, no progesterone, which is rare, cervical mucus and microorganisms easily penetrate the upper parts of the genital organs
  • Number of partners: three or more partners significantly increase the risk of blue waffle STD
  • Sexual relations without protection or without a condom
  • Sexual intercourse under the influence of alcohol and other addictive substances has increased the probability of relations without protection, with more partners

Healthy Snacks

Instead of eating ice cream, cookies, sugared drinks and sodas, why not try incorporating fresh fruits and healthy snacks into your diet? I’ve come up with a list of foods that I think are a great way of eating healthy when you want a snack to get you to your next meal. Fruit smoothies are a very refreshing drink that can actually feel you up. Add strawberries, bananas and peaches to some ice or milk.

Sip on it slowly and feel yourself become energized. I like to freeze different kinds of fruits, cut up into cubes and then eat them on a stick like a fruit lollipop. Another healthy, tasty snack is a handful of raw nuts. My favorites are walnuts, cashews, and almonds. The nice thing about nuts is that they are easy to pack, eat and they fill you up. Try adding more cut up vegetables to your day as well. Plain popcorn is a great treat and gives your hands something to do to keep them busy.

Can Slimquick be any side effects

I am on day 4 of the Slimquick Cleanse and I think it’s doing a fine job. It kicked in in the middle of day two (give it time ya’ll) and that day I was pretty crampy as it got rid of a lot of stuff in my body, and working out made me nauseous, but after that first round I haven’t had any cramping, pains, or nausea. Of course you don’t really know when it’s going to make you want to run to the bathroom, but that only happens a couple times a day. My body feels fantastic, I can feel my tummy getting flatter, and it’s much easier to hold my stomach in. It’s doing what it should do, and feeling these results so quickly only makes me want to continue to eat well gain more positive results. So far I am very happy with this product, especially for the value!

Today is day 2 of using the cleanse. So far I am just noticing that I have o pee a lot! Not following the diet plan, just wanted to do a general flush.

By: K.K.

“The bottle says stop taking if you develop diarrhea and so I was going to stop taking it although I only have 2 days left of the 7 day cleanse but I have lost a couple lbs and after reading this I’m not that worried about the pooing. I am using this as a jump start I am eating healthier and I workout at least 3 to 4 times a week. I am excited to see the end results after I start the actual slimquick side effects.”

By: S. Braz

“I just bought Slim Quick Cleanse last night and haven’t begin taking it yet…but I’m hoping for positive results. I found it very hard reading the box and the pamplet inside the words were super little..lol But I’m going to start possible today or Sunday.”

By: Miss. Sharon

“I am on day 4 of taking the cleanse, no changes on my bathroom routine, but also not following the diet plan just eating more fruit in the afternoon. I haven’t experiences no side affects but I plan on finishing the cleanse, it has me eating healthier and ready for anything. I don’t give up to easy”

By: ShellY P

“The product is working how most cleanses work on me. My opinion isn’t really relevant… GIRLS!! All bodies react differently to cleanses, some can handle it and some can’t. The most important thing is to stop or reduce your dosage if you develop loose bowels. IT’S VERY UNHEALTHY AND HARD ON YOUR BODY. I had them at the beginning and reduced the dose to 2 pills and now I’m fine.”

By: Tara

How do you insert a tampon?

Most of girls will be worried while they need to use the first tampon. Don’t be nervous and talk to someone who had ever used tampons, for example your mom and even your friend. When you learn the information on how to insert a tampon, it’s important for you to relax. It’ll be easier after you relax. As we know it will be hard to do something while we are nervous, the same as insertion, the more harder and the more nervous.

For your first time to insert a tampon, you should select the smallest size of tampon. This can make your insertion become easier on your first experience. Here are some simple guidelines you can follow:

Firstly you should read carefully the instruction on the box of your package of tampons.

Secondly look up the directions by searing it on internet.

Thirdly be ready for your first inserting.

How to insert step by step

Thinking you are sitting on the toilet, now you can place your leg on the seat of toilet or you can squat down. The first thing is to find a comfortable position for you to insert a tampon. After that you can hold the tampon with your fingers away from your body.

Open the labia with your other hand, position the tampon in the vaginal opening.

Push it into the opening gently and stop it when you feel your fingers touch your body.

There are also some tips for you, the whole inserting process you will not feel the tampon unless you inserted in incorrectly. If you feel you have a wrong way to insert then you should remove it. The simple method is to start again with a new one.

Hope it will help women who are inserting the first tampon.

Pros of filtered for coffee

Filtered water does indeed improve the taste of coffee and tea. I know it does of tea, which is more subtle and which I must drink at it’s optimum. Coffee which I drink more in the soup form, I cannot really discern by type of water. I naturally assume the two conform to the same principal.

First of all water quality is greatly determined by where you live. If you live in a hard water environment you can have bad and nasty water. Hard water has all kinds of dissolved minerals, which you may need to remove before you can even drink the water. Some people even have to neutralize their wash water just to wash their clothes.

Secondly mineral water is not good for tea. I know. I refuse to drink such dregs. When I’m under direct orders to be civil, I might decline all beverage. Alchemy will happen with tea and mineral water. The tea will darken to a sickly kind of black. It will taste horrible and rob you of all joy. Then you will become the living misery like me.

Though I am a very reasonable person, I will filter my water for tea. I am not the same about coffee, because my palette is not refined enough to distinguish the difference.

Carbon filters also take out some of the chlorine which is a volatile gas and toxic to many living things.

I have often been the generous host of some very fine people, due mostly to my loving and generous spouse. Some of those Neanderthals we take in have taken the spring water and put it in the kettle for tea. In such circumstance, I feel I know exactly how God feels about transgressors and sinners. I too go into the long suffering mode and mark it for future reference.

Filtered water does indeed improve tea. Here is how you can find out. Brew two cups of tea. Use filtered water in one cup and non filter water in the other. Take a third one if you have mineral water handy and make three cups. Brew them for the same amount of time. Do a subjective taste test.

You will immediately hate the mineral water tea. You will hate the color and loathe the taste. The filtered water will give you the pleasure you need but you will live in misery because you tasted the mineral water tea. The secret to happiness is obliquely revealed herein.

Coffee maker review of Aeropress

I love coffee in the morning. That loving has become a lot easier to do with Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker. It is actually a very simple machine. Actually, it is one of those revolutionary ideas. For me it has changed coffee making, bringing it back to the hot water kettle. Aeropress is ideal for camping, tenting, hunting, hiking, or road trips.

Aeropress comes in a six-piece kit. Those include reusable and great paper filters. The filters are supposed to last one year and this micro filter is credited with the smoothness of the coffee and it stops and captures all coffee particles. There is a measuring spoon, a ground coffee funnel, a stir stick, paper filters and a brewing tube and a plunge. You can press the coffee directly into the coffee mug.

Aeropress is made of tough polycarbonate, which cleans by simply rinsing. You put in your filter, measure your coffee, and pour in hot water (165 to 175 F) is the recommended temperature. I just bring my kettle to a boil, wait 10 to 20 seconds and pour in the water. Stir, so that the grounds all get infused, wait 20 to 30 seconds and press the plunger. It can be a hard press but it you just apply downward pressure and let the water filter through, it is not that hard.

The taste of coffee

I’ve used a stove top espresso maker for years. It is extremely portable and makes great coffee. I was happy with it for years and years. Then someone sent my wife a birthday present. It did not come easily as we turned it back three times, but now I’m grateful we got it.

Steaming coffee was a great way to make coffee. Now not steaming it is even greater. With the Aeropress you get the smooth, full body taste. There is no bitter edge, even of the great coffee. Then there is that wonderful rich taste. I had no idea coffee taste could reach such a zenith.

We use pre-ground Van Houtte Espresso coffee. This is good, reasonably priced coffee. With the Aeropress, it has become a truly a marvelous coffee.

Aerobie Aeropress 

Is available in the US and many distributors and retailers worldwide.

Aeropress comes with easy to read instructions. It is also easy to use. It is easy to clean and even though is has six pieces, is easy to bring. To the mountains or the five star hotel.

Aeropress made by Aerobie the makers of Frisbee and other toss toys. This is one coffee I recommend without reservation. Aeropress system is the way coffee should be made.

To define a great cup of coffee

Coffee’s mass appeal is supported by its enticing aroma, bountiful taste, caffeinated energy and flexibility of presentation. However, to get to the purest allure of coffee, you must get to the ritual.

Just like the Sunday family dinner, smoking a cigarette or attending a luau, the symbolic ritual behind the coffee drink is as important as the beverage. That ritual began in the early 20th century with the creation of the marketing genius the “coffee break.”

The coffee break meant that the dreary sweatshop labor of the 1910’s and 1920’s halted for 10 minutes so the workers could imbibe in coffee. The 12 hours of hell at work was boiled down into 10 minutes of pleasure, of humanity and of camaraderie. It was the first milestone of an otherwise joyless, repetitive job.

Leave it to American corporate acumen to develop a coffee culture, and the ability of the U.S. servicemen and servicewomen to “enjoy a cup of Joe.” This was the second marketing coup d’etat, equal to providing free cigarettes to the fighting man and woman. The horrors of war were spelled out at home by the photographs of G.I. Joe enjoying a cup of coffee while smiling and sitting on his battle helmet.

From the beverage of Everyman, coffee has now come full circle into an elitist ritual that has captured the rich and poor alike. Drinking coffee has become a class society. The lower castes drink their coffee loaded with cream and sugar at the local diner or convenience store. The cream and sugar make the bitter beverage a bit more palatable, no matter how long it has sat waiting. The more elite connoisseurs indulge their habit at the more upscale coffee shops, including the dreaded “S” word.

But observe the behaviors of the characters in the coffee shop or at the convenience store counter, and you will notice a ritual goes with each one. Some must pack their sugar with multiple flips until it all gathers at the bottom. Some must line up a proper row of individual creamer cups, open them and pour them singly into their coffee. Others must make a spectacle of taking theirs black, sucking down a huge swallow for all to see the virility of such a dominating Alpha individual. Still others must badger the barista with a barrage of questions every time they order, only to fall back on their old faithful mocha.

It’s the ritual and the inclusionism/exclusionism of coffee drinking that has allowed the coffee to reach its public pinnacle in the 21st century. The true measure of a great cup of coffee is the one made with your choice of coffee, in your OWN home, made in YOUR coffee pot, especially for YOU.

Reasons for filtering water to brew coffee

Water is very powerful stuff. It is so powerful it can even be ignited-with a bit of persuasive electricity. The tensile strength of water allows it to stack up, which is a strange characteristic for something that runs through your fingers.     

Water is primarily responsible for the erosion process, in that, it picks up soil, minerals, and just about anything else it can get. It is partially responsible for rust, the oxidation of iron, and it can carry disease Montezuma’s Revenge.

It is due to all of these wonderful and powerful qualities of water that cause that delicious early morning beverage to taste the way it does. No city in the world has ‘delicious’ tap water. That is a given. Is anybody old enough to remember lead piping? There’s a trick let’s make our coffee and get stupid and poisoned all in the same carafe. Water passing over anything picks up part of the anything. 

I will discuss the method in which most coffee pots work. First, you have a tank of water. This water passes through a heating element tube, that also heats the plate for the carafe. The water travels up another tube in a thermal siphon past a ball bearing(plastic on most) and into the collector where it cools just enough to make it ‘Rain’ on your grounds.     

So, where does the taste come from. Hey, it’s still water. It still has some of the initial impurities. Even if you were to boil it yourself on the stove and collect the steam or dip by hand the taste would be there. In order for the nasty taste to go away, you would need to pass it through a membrane (osmosis). The water on the other side is extremely susceptible to acquiring new flavors.     

Bottled water, distilled and purified, make better coffee than any old ‘tap’ water could ever dream (if water had a brain) of making. I try to use tap water in cheaper coffee pots, you know, the nine dollar jobs from wally world. I have found that after two or three healthy pots of the nectar of the gods and the pot needs to be cleaned. After I have cleaned the pots 10 to 12 times they will no longer work. In fact, they will sputter and spit and take an hour to make 8 cups of coffee. This is primarily because of the alkaline in the tap water. I love my coffee, and don’t dare get near me until I have had a cup or two.

Unique ways to use leftover espresso

Espresso is delicious, but also expensive. If you’re like me, and find yourself with extra shots laying around (I hate making singles!) then keep some of these ideas in mind.

Reheat it

Stick it in the refrigerator for the next time you’re craving a latte but don’t have the energy to make some up. Just pour it out and stick it under the steamer. You’ll notice the difference less than if you were to reheat a full cup of coffee, because there’s such a small amount of espresso per cup. Some people can tell a difference, others have no idea. Be sure to use a steamer, though, as heating it up in the microwave makes it taste terrible.

Ice it

Find a container to put all your leftovers in. Have a guest over who’s craving a good iced latte? Grab a glass, pour in the appropriate amount of espresso, add cold milk and voila! It’s much easier than having to make up a fresh shot and pour it over ice, and saves from having it watered down! Have you ever had a Red Eye, or a Turbo Hot as Dunkin Donuts calls it? It’s simply a shot or two of espresso in coffee. Well try it cold! Add one shot for a 10-12 oz cup of iced coffee, two shots for a 16oz coffee and three for a 20 oz.

Add some flavor

Having a bowl of ice cream? Drizzle a shot of espresso over the top for a sophisticated spin on the old sundae. Or even add some flavor to your next milkshake or frappuccino. My personal favorite is a black and white milkshake (vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup) with two shots of espresso. Yummy!

Make ice cubes

I normally take my leftover regular coffee to make ice cubes for iced lattes and the like. Why not do it with espresso as well? You’ll normally have much less leftover espresso than coffee, of course, so just make small ice cubes. Find small trays, or only fill them up half-way. This will add a nice kick to your iced lattes or make a good alternative to use cold espresso for iced red eyes (mentioned above).

Bake it

Set aside your leftover espresso (it keeps best in the refrigerator), or even any leftover, unused espresso grounds you may have, for your next baking project. Stir it into the mix of brownies, cookies, scones, or any other similar treat for some extra coffee flavor. This goes especially well with chocolate chips!