How to Make a Shrimp Boil

A Shrimp Boil is any kind of recipe that involves using boiled shrimp in combination with vegetables or other ingredients and cooking them into a coherent dish. There are many different types of shrimp boils that are of a Cajun variety and many are spicy, but shrimp can be prepared in any number of ways that can complement any favorite dish when cooked in a boil. Some recipes and some of those dining on them might prefer that the shrimp be shelled, but some of the tastiest shrimp boils involve leaving the shell on so that it traps in flavor and keeps cooking juices in contact with the shrimp itself. Some more expanded shrimp boils may also include other types of seafood such as crab legs or clusters, and clams; there is simply no limit on creativity when it comes to making a good shrimp boil.

When boiling shrimp it is important to keep in mind that when thawed they do not take very long to cook thoroughly. This is especially true with small shrimp, and to a lesser degree with jumbo shrimp. There is also the added option of cooking the shrimp in just plain water and perhaps with a bit of butter, or to cook the shrimp in a type of seafood stock for a distinct flavor. The choice often depends upon what other ingredients are going into the dish, but in all cases if the shrimp is to be added to another component in the boil and cooked to a further degree, cook them almost to the point of completion separately. Once they reach this point they should be drained and further prepared to be added to the other ingredients.

Some shrimp boil recipes include corn on the cob and potatoes, onions, and sometimes even mushrooms. Potentially any combination of vegetables or even other meats can be added to the boil, as well as any base sauce flavoring. In a shrimp boil that includes other seafood such as clams it may be necessary to cook them to completion before adding them to the rest of the dish, always be aware of these cooking time variations when multi tasking the preparation of the various ingredients. Basically everything else that can go into a shrimp boil will take longer to cook than the shrimp itself so it is best to start those ingredients first, especially if potatoes are to go into the final product.

If a base sauce is being prepared for the other ingredients to be cooked in, whether a tomato based sauce or otherwise, the shrimp should be allowed to simmer in it for a bit in order to absorb the flavor of the sauce. In some shrimp boils the dish itself can be built from the sauce up, slowly simmering a broth and diced ingredient combination while boiling in meats or larger ingredients.

Perhaps the simplest type of shrimp boil is to make what is essentially a steamer bucket. This involves using a tall pan filled with boiling water, an appropriate amount of butter and seasonings for flavor, adding the ingredients, then covering over low heat from a boil to a simmer to produce a steaming effect. A steamer pot shrimp boil can be easily made including jumbo shrimp, crab legs, clams, crawfish, or any other number of ingredients. The finished product can be served with a choice of butter and garlic sauce or another preferred dip.

Xanax 2mg gg249: Uses & Addictions

Xanax 2mg gg249 is a schedule IV controlled substance that is used to treat panic attacks, nervousness and tension. This drug has been around for many years as a tranquilizer, and although it is very effective for what it is used to treat, doctors have learned to be very careful when prescribing it, as it has a history of addiction and abuse. Because Xanax is often used to treat long term problems, Xanax addiction has become a very common addiction and has contributed to a large percentage of the prescription drug abuse problem in this country.

The most common thing that Xanax 2mg is used to treat is severe panic attacks and anxiety. It is used in individuals that are so incapacitated with these conditions that a tranquilizer is necessary for them to perform the most basic functions of their day. For many of these people their treatment is a long term situation meaning that when they finally do get better in all likelihood they will be facing a Xanax addiction that they will need to deal with.

This segment of those addicted to Xanax is only a part of the problem however, as Xanax is a drug that is frequently sold on the street and is abused in combination with any number of other drugs. This makes for a deadly combination that has claimed the life of a number of people over the years. The body also tends to build up a resistance to Xanax causing people to need to take more and more of it to make it work like it is supposed adding to the Xanax addiction.

Addiction to Xanax is much like any other drug, you will need to get the help of a professional to wean you off of the drug and you can likely expect Xanax addiction withdrawal symptoms that you will need to deal with. This is particularly the case if you stop taking Xanax after taking a lot of it of an extended period of time. If you do stop suddenly you can expect to experience nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, chills, lethargy, fatigue, moodiness, crying and vivid dreams.

If you have a severe Xanax addiction, seek the assistance of an inpatient facility that is trained in prescription drug addictions. They will help you make a successful withdrawal from the drug, and are experienced in dealing with the most severe withdrawal symptoms and will monitor you to make sure your detox is safe and effective.

Dry cough in babies: All you need to understand!

pictures of cough in babies
Dry cough in infants, during the night time, is often far from really serious and even resolves within just about a full week with virtually no medical therapy. Yet, if your child is actually younger than Three months old, you’re advised to contact your pediatrician immediately since infants are at greater probability of side effects like pneumonia. If the little one is actually more than Three months and doesn’t experience any kind of worrisome signs and symptoms, you can actually go through the strategies listed below. Please be aware that probably none belonging to the described suggestions is likely to make the cough disappear instantly. Yet, if your child comes with an uncomplicated higher breathing irritation, it may resolve along with other signs and symptoms within a couple of days.

Child dry cough treatment via Actforlibraries during the night idea:

#1: Raise your infant’s head. This can limit the drainage connected with mucus coming from the nose area and also sinuses in to the throat that is the key root cause connected with nighttime cough since the mucus prevents the very breathing passages. You can even raise the bed linens inside your baby’s crib through positioning a pillow underneath the bedding. Make sure, even so, to never place any sort of bedroom pillows or perhaps some other items within the baby bed for the reason that they pose an important potential for asphyxiation and boost the likelihood of the sudden infant death syndrome.

#2: Provide your child heated or maybe cold fluid or perhaps milk. Both together heated and also cool drinks aid eliminate the mucus, make it much easier to cough up as well as calm the throat. You’re additionally strongly recommended to provide your child a good amount of fluids throughout the day to maintain him/her adequately hydrated. Exactly like grownups, children require much more fluids to remain hydrated if they are ill.

#3: Use a humidifier simply because dry air flow irritates the very air passages and helps make the coughing a whole lot worse. A humidifier will probably minimize sinus blockage and also assist in inhaling and exhaling with which a lesser amount of frustrating mucus is going to be drained inside your infant’s throat. Yet make sure you remember that humidifiers are actually the ideal raising surface regarding fungal and also bacterias. You really are strongly recommended to wash it based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

#4: Carry your infant into your bathroom, run a hot bath as well as shut down the door to let the vapor to calm your infant’s inflamed airways and also throat. This kind of infant cough cure through the night is most effective in case it is utilized along with a humidifier.

#5: You should never make use of any kind of herbal treatments and also over-the-counter cough medicines unless of course you are explicitly permitted to utilize them by your infant’s physician. However some can be quite very helpful in more mature young children, almost all herbal treatments and also over-the-counter coughing prescription drugs could cause severe adverse reactions in infants. Apart from using the stated suggestions, you are definitely in addition suggested to make certain that your infant is actually relaxed and he/she receives enough sleep along with liquids in the daytime.

Blue Waffle Definition: Can It Still Be Treated?

Sexually transmitted disease has had another face with blue waffle disease. This disease may sound peculiar for most because it has never been really common in the medical world. Yet, this is said to exist due to unhealthy sexual practices that proves it really is affecting a certain population. But whether it is a myth or a true disease yet to shake the world, can this still be treated?

The definition of blue waffle disease may not be overly achieved in most sources and medical journals. For some, there is really no big deal about the treatment of this kind of disease because it does not exist in the first place. But in some people who have grasped the definition, treatment regimens are present.

Just like any other sexually transmitted diseases, the treatment may depend on the severity of the condition. The more it goes severe, the more there is a need for you to come up with the best possible plans to completely get rid of it. During the first onset of the disease just when you first felt severe itchiness, take time to visit the doctor right away.

Usually, in diseases like this with bacterial invasion, the physician may just prescribe antibiotics to let the swelling subside and also kill the bacteria that might have gotten into your systems. Once this first line of action is done, treatment of broken skin barriers may follow. With this, your doctor might prescribe topical creams to completely heal the broken skin.

Of course, before taking medications, make sure you have got the prescription from a medical professional. Taking medicines that are just self-prescribed may bring you harm rather than help. Visiting the doctor may not hurt if it is your health that is in jeopardy.

Treatment regimens are effective in making sure that you will get well. Blue waffles may rather sound complex but once you have got the treatment regimen at hand, this disease will just fade away. But wait! If you want your recovery hastened, you should not only depend on medical advice but should also follow adherence to healthy practices.

As much as possible, take vitamins, minerals and nutrients that will support your body during the recovery process. Ingestion of protein rich foods for instance will help you get to the recovery process fast. This is because of the fact that it works well in the regeneration of cells that have been broken down. Since your skin barriers are affected by blue waffle, its healing may just be hastened if you are taking protein together with the medications given by the doctor.

Having blue waffles is not yet the end of the world. It can still be treated with doctor prescribed medications and of course with healthy practices that you may have to follow. Together, this two will make up a team to let the disease fade away in time. If these practices are just done religiously, you will never find it hard to get rid of the disease.

How to Recognize Healthy Meals on Restaurant Menus

Eating out can cause a dilemma for anybody on a diet or looking after their health.  It can be difficult to choose a meal which is healthy, particularly as you don’t know the exact ingredients that will be used in each meal and the method used to cook the meal.  However, there are some ways that you  can recognize healthier meals on a menu.  Here are some tips on how to do so.

Grilled not fried

The method used for cooking offers a clue as to how healthy  an item is. Foods that are oven baked, griddled or grilled are usually healthier choices than items on the menu that are fried or battered.  Deep fried items are particularly unhealthy as the food absorbs a large amount of the fat when cooking.  If an item has side options, then avoid the fried choices such as fries and opt for either boiled potatoes or salad.


Many meals are served with a sauce, such as pasta, while others have sauce as an optional extra, for example, steak.  Sauces can greatly increase the number of calories and quantity of fat in your meal, dependant on the ingredients of the sauce.  When looking at a menu, try to choose the meals that have tomato or vegetable based sauces rather than sauces that will contain cream.


Salads are often a good choice from a menu if you are trying to be healthy. However, it is important to read the menu carefully as many salads are served with a dressing that may be oil based,. If this is the case then you can always ask for the salad to be served without the dressing or  for the dressing to be served separately so that you can minimize the amount of dressing that you eat.


If it says cream, chocolate or cheese in the name, then it is probably not the healthiest of choices.  Look on the menu for healthier choices such as fruit salad or sorbet.  In most cases, the healthiest option is to avoid the dessert trolley altogether.

Ask for help

If after reading the menu you are still unsure which the healthiest options would be, it is worthwhile asking for advice from the restaurant staff.  They may be able to offer guidance on the cooking method used or be able to tell you more about the ingredients used in your potential menu choices.

A Tampon Recommended by Gynecologists

From the days when tampons were invented the served the same basic purpose. First you should know how to insert a tampon in the right way. But with the Launch of the new RepHresh Brilliant pH Tampon another essential purpose will be served. This is a bold new innovation for the feminine protection which is invented in order to reduce the actual increase of the pH levels during a woman’s period.All the way till now the Tampons only had the ability of absorbing and retaining fluids but not the capacity of maintain the pH increase. There is an elevated pH in the menstrual fluids when it is compared to the normal non-menstrual vaginal pH range. Tampons have been designed for the purpose of retaining these fluids but the new RepHresh Brilliant goes a step further and serves the purpose of reducing the pH increase besides providing the general absorbing function as of the normal Tampon. The measure of the acidity level in a vaginal environment is known as pH.

The vaginal pH is generally in between 3.5 to 4.5 for a healthy woman whereas it increases to the levels of 7.4 at the time of a woman’s period. The traditional Tampons lacked this feature of reduction of the pH increase and their main purpose was providing comfort, leak protection with convenience in a woman’s period. Clinically RepHresh Brilliant pH Tampons has been able to prove that it has the capacity as it promises i.e. reduction in the feminine pH increase. When this is inserted it has a rapid reduction to the pH and brings it down in the normal range. The pH tampon absorbs more fluids which further are reduced by the flow release technology of the pH-reducing Micro-Ribbons. This provides for the support a woman’s body needs for maintaining the pH reduction during the tampon usage period.

Citric Acid and L-lactide are the two important ingredients in this which helps in reduction of the pH increase. These are regarded as two non-irritating ingredients which help to control the pH increase that occurs during menstruation. This is a new innovation which gynecologists were looking for their patients for years and now they would certainly find useful to recommend to their patients.

Persistent Dry Cough

There is no doubt that a non-productive cough, better known as a dry cough, can be infuriating and frustrating. A dry cough is a throat condition that is accompanied by feelings of dryness, itchiness, or scratchiness in the throat. This results in irritation that often leads to swelling, and usually causes a reaction of coughing, choking and gagging.

Most coughs are considered acute, because they only last up to 3-4 weeks, before a recovery is made. It is when a cough lasts longer than this time period that it is considered to be a persistent dry cough. Whereas a cough usually lingers on after an illness and then improves, a long-lasting cough such as this should be taken as your body trying to wave a red flag at you.

If your cough lasts for a long time, then there is a reason why it isn’t healing. What this means, is that there is some underlying cause of the dry cough, which may or may not be medically serious. It is important to think of a persistent cough not as a disease in its own right, but as a symptom of another condition.

There are a whole host of potential causes for a persistent dry cough:

  • Lung disease
  • Allergies
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Non-infectious disease
  • Lung tumour
  • Blood pressure lowering medication
  • Infectious disease
  • Air pollution
  • Asthma
  • Acid reflux
  • Many more…

You can see from the list above that the long-term health implications of the potential causes of a persistent cough very massively, but it is highly recommended to seek professional medical attention. A doctor will be far more accurate in diagnosing the cause of the cough, and trying to treat a cough without knowing the cause is like trying to get a hole-in-one with your eyes shut.

Is Mountain Dew Addictive

Weight gain, monstrous toothaches, no energy and throbbing headaches are the first words that I think of when I hear Mountain Dew!

Mountain Dew is addictive! After reading some of the debated articles on this topic, I had to stop and calm myself down! I was very disturbed by some of the other arguements that was posted about “Is Mountain Dew addictive”. Yes, I do understand that everyone has their own opinion and they are free to write whatever they choose to. I however, have my own correct answer for this topic. I guess this is why it was chosen for a good topic to post.

Recently, I wrote an article in the “Soft drinks reviews: Mountain Dew” telling my story. In my article, I gave examples of how consuming large amounts of Mountain Dew daily, leads me to believe that I am addicted to the refreshing drink. I believe that anything can become addictive, if a person allows it to be. In my unfortunate case, I have misused Mountain Dew to the point of it being addictive. Ten years now, I have drank Mountain Dew everyday except for the two weeks that I was on vacation. Mexico fortunately doesn’t sell or have procession of Mountain Dew. I drink at least a two liter of Mountain Dew everyday. I am not proud of this awful addiction. If it wasn’t for the severe headaches that I get from not drinking Mountain Dew, I would kick this habit forever.

There are several different side effects that I get when I do try to stop drinking Mountain Dew. I know that I can quit, it is just hard to quit. Like other article writers have stated “it is not the caffeine that I am hooked on” it is the sugar, the main ingredient in Mountain Dew that keeps me going all day. I have tried switching my choice of drink to pepsi, tea and coffee. These three drinks all contain caffeine, and I don’t get the same satisfaction that I get when I drink a cold Mountain Dew. Even a warm soda, tastes better than a cup of tea, coffee or pepsi.

Here is something to think about: How can a person know if Mountain Dew is addictive if they have never drank it? As long as a person stays disciplined with the daily consumption of Mountain Dew, they are less likely to become addicted to it. Keep in mind that people become addicted to several things on a daily basis and anything that makes you suffer withdrawals, in my opinion is considered to be addictive! Now that my nerves have calmed down and my opinion is stated, I can relax and go consume a refreshing soda. Can anybody guess what soda that might be?

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How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are heightened in flavor when roasted, and make a delicious and healthy snack. They’re packed with omega 3s and are high in fiber, protein and zinc among many other beneficial nutrients. They make a nice addition to various meals, cakes and breads and are a great alternative to popcorn or chips to snack on in front of the TV or computer. Roasting them enhances their nutty flavor, and they can be made to be sweet or savory, yet the most common and popular option is salted and roasted pumpkin seeds. So, if its fall and there happen to be many pumpkins lying around, don’t discard the seeds, roast and eat them!

The only ingredients needed are a pumpkin, some vegetable or olive oil and some salt, preferably sea salt (as its more nutritious). Equipment needed involves a sharp knife (to cut the pumpkin), a baking sheet (for roasting the seeds on) and an oven.

1. The first step entails cutting the pumpkin to separate the seeds from the flesh. After the seeds have been collected, place them in a bowl of warm water and rub them to clean off the sticky strings and juice from the pumpkin flesh. After, allow them to dry by draining them and placing the seeds on a tea towel, and leave them to dry for an hour or so.

2. Once fully dried, spread the seeds out on a baking sheet on a tray and add one teaspoon sea salt (to one cup of seeds) and three tablespoons of any vegetable oil (olive oil makes a nice choice here). Mix the seeds together so that each one is coated with some salt and oil. Alternatively, pour the dried seeds into a zipper storage bag and add the oil and salt. Then seal the bag and shake it well so that all the seeds are well-coated. Make sure the seeds are spread out in a single layer on the baking sheet.

3. Then turn on the oven (at 275 degrees Fahrenheit or 135 Celsius) and heat them for 10 to 20 minutes, sometimes a little more. However, it’s worth noting to keep an eye on them every five minutes or so, and stir them so that they don’t burn and roast well on both sides. Cook the seeds until they look crisp and golden or slightly brown in color.

4. After the seeds are golden and look done, simply take them out of the oven and place them onto a plate to cool down. If possible, put them somewhere cool like on a windowsill, but not in the fridge. Exposing them to a cool area allows them to be crispier and crunchier in texture.

After cooling, the seeds can be stored in an airtight container or bag for a week or two for maximum freshness, and the author of this article recommends snacking on them with tea.

Roasting pumpkin seeds are a great way to make use of the whole pumpkin, and they make a healthy and delicious snack. It’s simple to roast them, and they can be made sweet or savory. Roasting enhances the nutty flavor of the seeds and makes them a tasty and crunchy snack.

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Kombucha Tea

Kombucha Tea

Kombucha tea is very popular among herbalists and health fanatics alike despite its reputation of displaying some serious side effects. Scientific evidence has not proven that there are health benefits from drinking the tea, but some people suffering from debilitating diseases swear by it. It is believed by some that Kombucha tea promotes longevity, boost the body’s immune system and detoxify the body.  Originating in East Asia, Kombucha tea has been available in Germany since the early 19th century Known also as tea fungus, Manchurian tea or Kargasok tea; it is made from a few simple components. It is popular in the United States especially with HIV positive individuals and can be made and cultured at home.


 Kombucha is formed by mixing sweetened back tea, a yeast culture and a Kombucha mushroom. This causes a fermenting process to begin that produces a new generation of bacterial culture on top of the old that can be skimmed off and given away or kept for future batches.  The first component in Kombucha tea is sweetened black tea, made by steeping black tea leaves and adding a generous amount of sugar for sweetening.  Several different yeast cultures are used, though the culture may include Candida stellata, and Torula species, among others. Several different types and variations of yeast and bacteria can be grown. Though it is referred to as a Kombucha mushroom, there is not any actual mushroom used. The name was derived from the mushroom like bacteria substance that forms on top of the tea mixed with yeast culture.  The fermenting produces alcoholic properties to the tea.

The black tea leaves are steeped in hot water and about one cup of sugar is stirred in and dissolved.  The sweetened tea is then left to cool to room temperature.  The Kombucha mushroom bacteria starter is added. This mixture is left to steep covered with a clean cloth and undisturbed for approximately one week.  A substance resembling a mushroom gathers on the surface, along with what looks like a baby mushroom. The baby mushroom can be skimmed off the top and given to others as a culture to begin their own Kombucha tea, or can be stored to use when the original mushroom substance turns dark brown and is no longer good to use.

Kombucha tea components, including dry tea leaves and liquid capsules have also been made available by different manufacturers in several countries.  The product is sold as a dietary supplement in the United States but has not been FDA tested or approved as safe for human consumption.


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